Adoption in Texas

There are several adoption agencies in Texas. Most of them offer the same services regarding adoption. All of them have and take care of all type of children who are waiting for a family to take care of them, and most important of all receive love from people who are willing to. To adopt in Texas you have to be at least 21 years old, financially responsible and responsible and complete a home study, performed by and adoption agents.

There are a lot of adoption agencies in Texas, some of them are:

· Abrazo Adoption Associates: it’s a full service, and non profit, adoption agency which is specialized in open adoption established in 10010 San Pedro, San Antonio Texas. The local phone number is 210-342-LOVE, or 1-800-454-5683. They also have seminars or FAQ´s in their online site.

· Adopt 2000 Houston: it´s also a non profit organization located in Houston 4550 Post Oak Place 77027, Texas. The phone is 713-333-2232. They have a lot of kids, in their adoptable races they have Caucasian, biracial, African American, Asian, and Hispanic. Their services include domestic adoption program, home study services, photo listing services and foster adoption assistance.

· Adoption Access: They have a 85% placement rent. They have kids up to 5 years old. They are located in 8330 Meadow Road, Suite 222 in Dallas, Texas. Their local phone is: 2-750-4847. They offer Caucasian, African American and Hispanic children. They have a placement rent fairly quick in comparison with other agencies.

· Adoption Advocates Inc.: Their provide services for both adoptive and 1215 Parkway Austin Texas. Their services include Domestic Adoption Program, Infant Adoption and Foster Parents Assistance.

· DePelchin Children´s Center: They have been helping children and families since 1892, they provide foster care services include training, support and assistance. They also offer support and counseling. They are located in 4950 Memorial Drive, Houston Texas. The phone is (713) 730-2335. They offer domestic adoption programs, infant adoptions, home study services, photo listing services and foster adoption assistance.

· Dillon International, Inc.: They were established in 1972, they offer international adoption programs in several countries of the world, countries like China, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Korea and Nepal. They are affiliated with Buckner International which enabled them to offer children’s from Ethiopia, Russia and Honduras.

Here we have listed some of the adoption agencies in Texas, nevertheless there are a lot more of adoption agencies in this state. There are no bad or better, all of them offer the opportunity to give children a better life, filled with love and someone to care and guide them to have a better, and normal, life and one day succeed as a human being.


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