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Q&A: What’s a good website to adopt a baby?

Question by SASHA!!! 😀: What’s a good website to adopt a baby?
I’m looking for a website where they have photolisting’s of newborn babies, and infants. Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by vegetarian chick
i dont think there is such a thing (atleast for domestic adoption as far as i know). The only kids that are up on website to adopt (adoptuskids) are older children that are in the foster care system. Newborn babies dont wait to be adopted, there are 40couples wanting to adopt an american newborn for every 1 newborn baby for which an adoption plan is made. That is why many couples wait on waiting lists for years.

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Q&A: how important are looks?

Question by almost human: how important are looks?
i just read someone talking about looking for children through photo listings. i know that i was “chosen” in a similar manner. from the beginning of the paper work until i arrived, all my parents had were two photos to go on.

i have a hard time grasping this. it seems rather barbaric, from my adoptee perspective. it makes me feel like a commodity, sold in a catalog.

i’d like to hear some convincing arguments for why this is an acceptable or adequate method of choosing who to adopt.

i am trying to form my opinions about creating families and how this is accomplished. i am really not, at this point, comfortable with the validity of the love at first photo sighting argument, nor do i know much about this practice.

whenever i have this euwww ick feeling, i try and understand it before rejecting it out of hand. welcome everyone’s insights
WHY i chose the best answer.

wow. adoption land is so confusing.

because i’m transracial and know how hard that is, i am all for racial matching whenever possible.

however, i also believe adoptive parents should have a higher calling than just wanting a replacement child for the one they couldn’t have and trying to choose a child that looks like they were naturally born.

i agree with monkeykitty’s analysis of why a photo is valuable

i agree with sly’s sadness over the children who get left behind because they aren’t photogenic

i finally chose Erin L’s because i think she had the healthiest, most decent attitude about the place of looks in adoption.

it still feels icky as an adoptee.

my preference for all adoptions (except newborns) would be for people to hang out with kids and get to know them as people prior to adoption. the barbaric part of adoption to me is how it is stranger to stranger, with the photo as possibly the only artifact of humanity.

Best answer:

Answer by Avery Cheyenne due Halloween!!!
I agree with you. If you want a child are looks really that important, same with disabilities? I mean you take your chances when you are pregnant so what is the difference when you adopt? You want a child and it shouldn’t matter. If I couldn’t have my own child then I wouldn’t care what my adopted child looks like or what disabilities they have!! A child is a child you love them for who they are not how they look.

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Why do so many foster children need to be the youngest in the house hold? Is it a deal breaker?

Question by Erica: Why do so many foster children need to be the youngest in the house hold? Is it a deal breaker?
Over the past seven years my father and step-mother have adopted four children. I would like to grow my family the same way, only I already have a toddler of my own and I plan on having at least one more baby. Many of the children’s descriptions on photo-listing sites state that the child should be the youngest in the house-hold. Why is this? And is it a “deal breaker” or could I still be concidered?
Sorry, what I should have said is that the descriptions state that the child should be the youngest child OR only child in the home.

Is it possible that such a statement means that the child is harmful towards younger siblings?

Best answer:

Answer by Md8kn
in my view i think it is for the support and nurturing which older siblings can provide for the younger ones in the family…it should be remembered i feel that many if not the majority of children up for fostering or adoption are in this position due to a family crisis or problem which may have left them physically, emotionally or phychologically marked, also they may themselves be only children. Also the considered needs of the parents ability to meet the care needs of a larger family is looked at for the same reasons. I would think though that unless the child information states it the options are open because there are so many older children who desperatly need this support also so i would not prosume you would be excluded at all ….. hope this helped and good luck with such a worthwhile and rewarding venture.

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Q&A: could you foster to adopt in a state that you don’t live in? Like if i live in Fl could i foster to adopt n TX?

Question by Kalen M: could you foster to adopt in a state that you don’t live in? Like if i live in Fl could i foster to adopt n TX?
And could someone give me more information on foster to adopt?
Like could you pick your own child? Or will you be given one?
Addtional info please

Best answer:

Answer by Moose
A good place to start investigating adoption is – see link below. They are a decent place for information, to the best of my knowledge, and should be able to give you a rundown on different state laws. They also have a photo listing of available children.

Good luck.

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