i want to adopt and raise a toddler into my family :)?

Question by Love: i want to adopt and raise a toddler into my family :)?
i really don’t want to go through pregnancy or infancy, however i would love baby boys. I would love to adopt a toddler from the U.S. but adoption fees can run upwards of 20 thousand dollars and that is crazy. I plan on waiting until i am financially ready to adopt, but i know i wont be wealthy enough to afford 20 thousand dollars in adoption fees and also paying for all the babies needs.

I would like to hear your toddler adoption stories that were not very pricey.

The advantages and disadvantages of becoming a foster parent.

Or any legal way of adopting for little to no cost.

i just want to do my research because i know i want a toddler 🙂

i don’t want a toddler until im married and i don’t want to get married any earlier than 23.

i babysit and my mother works in a nursery that i help her with.

the only reason i prefer a toddler is because I’m terrified of pregnancy and not fond of infancy, i don’t believe i would do a good job at either, pregnancy is a phobia i have i guess you could say..

i would like some real useful answers and no one criticizing me on not wanting to pay upwards of 20-40 thousand dollars to give a toddler a family.

this isn’t my account btw, it is my friends, im just using it temporarily

honestly be mature and help me out here.. thanks 🙂

giving birth through my vagina is what im scared of. not stretch marks or weight gain lol.

i dont want a watermelon coming out a mouse hole. haha 😛

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Answer by Abandoned Abandoner
My aunt was terrified of pregnancy as well. She got cats and lived a very fulfilled life.

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18 thoughts on “i want to adopt and raise a toddler into my family :)?”

  1. “not very pricey”??? What are you, 12?

    Have your own baby. Nature intended for watermelons to come out of mouse holes. Nature also intended children to be raised by their own natural families.

    Your comments are insulting to adoptees.

  2. In that case don’t adopt. If you don’t want to go through pregnancy because of the reasons given and don’t like infancy then why think it’s acceptable for others to go through it just to supply you with a child. Another thought for you is that a toddler is likely to be in foster care which means they are likely there due to abuse/neglect so you would need to be prepared for that.

  3. You sound young and quite uninformed about adoption. An adopted child is not a substitute for a biological child. Adopted children suffer the loss of their biological family. Even if adoption is necessary and the adoptive parents are wonderful, it is still a huge loss for the child.

    Many women are afraid of childbirth but still have children biologically. There are all sorts of pain management plans available for labor and delivery.

    Adoption is not about avoiding the parts of parenthood that you find unappealing. Your reasons for wanting to adopt are very flippant. Please learn a lot more about the realities of adoption before considering adoption.

  4. I’m sorry, but I hope you are very young because your reasons are VERY immature.

    You don’t want to “give a toddler a family.” All of your reasons are about you…you want not just a child….a boy child….you don’t want to go through any of the pain…you just want to play……

    I’m sorry, until you grow and are not so selfish, you would not be a very good mother.

    Motherhood is not about what YOU want, what you don’t like or what you’re scared of….and trust me, the fear of pregnancy is nothing compared to the worry and anxiety a mother faces EVERY DAY…….

    The fear of childbirth is a normal thing. Mother’s who really want to have babies GET OVER IT!

    Also, you views about adoption are wacky…you may say it is about giving a toddler a home, but you are clearly looking at this as getting what YOU want no muss no fuss…….

    That said, there are no discount – Walmart adoptions and toddlers are in high demand.

    Some idiot on here is going to tell you to go through foster care. The goal of foster care is reunification if at all possible…not for people to try and short cut to cheap toddlers.

    EVERYONE wants children under 4. The demand is great, and there are not that many children out there.

    I am an adoption social worker and if you motivation remainded the same, I would not approve you.

  5. I got my little baby back from their thx mate as well i devorsed my husband and got my little kid back thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. thank you i got my dear little Linda back and to more kids and there living happily in bright wall with my kid but when you get your kid back itll say stuff like am i adopted i domt look like you. or thanks for pickin me but i fucked her mom and made her

  7. How do I get rid of my orphanage kids? I married a guy so the nanny is gone but I wanna have more kids but I already have 3 from the orphanage! What do I do?

  8. there is somthing u need 2 know if ur going there after you finished the game there will be no children there when i went there after i finished the game the only girl i found there was my daughter that was sent there

  9. Dose anyone know how to sell your kid in fable 3 because I don’t have that much money and I can’t find away to sell him, I know where the orphanage is but what then 🙁

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