Q&A: What’s a good website to adopt a baby?

Question by SASHA!!! 😀: What’s a good website to adopt a baby?
I’m looking for a website where they have photolisting’s of newborn babies, and infants. Any suggestions?

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Answer by vegetarian chick
i dont think there is such a thing (atleast for domestic adoption as far as i know). The only kids that are up on website to adopt (adoptuskids) are older children that are in the foster care system. Newborn babies dont wait to be adopted, there are 40couples wanting to adopt an american newborn for every 1 newborn baby for which an adoption plan is made. That is why many couples wait on waiting lists for years.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: What’s a good website to adopt a baby?”

  1. That would be like buying a child off the internet if you ask me. There are a lot of adoption websites out there, but none with the photolisting- that implies that you are “shopping” for a baby based on looks. (You might not be, but that’s what people who do adoptions believe.) To adopt a baby takes a lot of time. You need to be processed, interviewed, and approved before they will even CONSIDER you. I suggest going online and looking up some local adoption angencys. They will put you on a list for babies/infants… and it can be months, even years, before you’ll hear back about a baby- but it goes pretty fast from there. Have you considered adopting an older child who needs care? Or even fostering babies/infants? There’s a lot to consider. I suggest talking with a real adoption agency. Here are a few links:



    (a photo list of OLDER children looking to be adopted)

  2. Most states have photos of babies and children that are currently in state custody and available for adoption. Just google your state and adoption and you should find a website.

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