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Why do so many foster children need to be the youngest in the house hold? Is it a deal breaker?

Question by Erica: Why do so many foster children need to be the youngest in the house hold? Is it a deal breaker?
Over the past seven years my father and step-mother have adopted four children. I would like to grow my family the same way, only I already have a toddler of my own and I plan on having at least one more baby. Many of the children’s descriptions on photo-listing sites state that the child should be the youngest in the house-hold. Why is this? And is it a “deal breaker” or could I still be concidered?
Sorry, what I should have said is that the descriptions state that the child should be the youngest child OR only child in the home.

Is it possible that such a statement means that the child is harmful towards younger siblings?

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Answer by Md8kn
in my view i think it is for the support and nurturing which older siblings can provide for the younger ones in the family…it should be remembered i feel that many if not the majority of children up for fostering or adoption are in this position due to a family crisis or problem which may have left them physically, emotionally or phychologically marked, also they may themselves be only children. Also the considered needs of the parents ability to meet the care needs of a larger family is looked at for the same reasons. I would think though that unless the child information states it the options are open because there are so many older children who desperatly need this support also so i would not prosume you would be excluded at all ….. hope this helped and good luck with such a worthwhile and rewarding venture.

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Helping Kids Deal With Step-parent Depression

The primary factor you ought to grasp concerning this type of depression with kids are the signs. Several individuals who have had children that committed suicide typically have asked themselves how they did not know, and the truth is very typically that the signs were there, but they solely did not grasp how to acknowledge them. There are many totally different ways you’ll tell if your children are depressed as a results of having a brand new step-parent in their life. They’ll become withdrawn, perhaps they’re having study issues at college, and even lash out at the new parent. This is a reflex mechanism in many cases, as a result of most kids who are hurting within don’t know how to simply come out and say what they’re feeling, whether they feel unhappy, afraid or confused.
One in all the first things that a new step-parent can do to help the child overcome their depression is simply talk with them. This suggests communicating with them on an open and honest level. One in every of the things they can say is that they are not replacing the opposite parent. No one can replace a one who has died, and a parent that’s not married anymore is more often than not still in the image to a certain degree anyway. Just reassuring them that your another person who is there for them, will facilitate in several ways.
It’s not only hard for youngsters to adjust to a new parent, but also for the adult as well. Talk to them regarding these changes, and discuss how each of you’ll help every other cater to problems as they arise. You may notice that a kid who is suffering from step parent depression feels that they are not in control, and asking them for facilitate can let them apprehend that their opinion matters. Making time for them, and doing things together, will go a long approach similarly, while not having to resort to antidepressants.
It is also necessary that the child with depression recognize that each of their folks love them. It’s additionally a smart idea that parents who are divorced talk over with their children and talk with them regarding the fundamentals of why they get a divorce, while not all the gory details, or being angry at every other. The parent that got rid of or away should let the kids apprehend that it’s alright to accept the new parent, although they may not feel this manner entirely. This will provide the children additional stability in their life.
It is also important that the new parent reassure the children that they can indeed be ready to urge over their depression. It will take time to regulate and they do care concerning them just as much but in a very different way. There are a number of different tips about how you’ll be able to help your kids while not antidepressants, each online, and thru counseling.

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