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Q&A: What’s a good website to adopt a baby?

Question by SASHA!!! 😀: What’s a good website to adopt a baby?
I’m looking for a website where they have photolisting’s of newborn babies, and infants. Any suggestions?

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Answer by vegetarian chick
i dont think there is such a thing (atleast for domestic adoption as far as i know). The only kids that are up on website to adopt (adoptuskids) are older children that are in the foster care system. Newborn babies dont wait to be adopted, there are 40couples wanting to adopt an american newborn for every 1 newborn baby for which an adoption plan is made. That is why many couples wait on waiting lists for years.

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Is there any good adopting places in Calfornia?

Question by Kaylee W.: Is there any good adopting places in Calfornia?
I’m looking for a 11 yr old girl, who’s white, in California to be specific. But I’m having trouble finding places with the kid I have in mind! Please help, want to adopt soon as possible!
Sorry, forgot to say I need ONLINE results!

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Answer by Calmia22
You will not find online results for this, you need to contact a foster care facility within the state, they will help you.

Don’t expect a photo listing that you can shop thru. You are not buying a sports car.

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